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Caprice and Claudia comfort each other after some bad news. The girls who live together are more than friendly with each other. They run each other’s hands all over their young bodies. It’s not too long before the girls feel more than comfort. They feel a tingle in their pussies that tells them to move further.

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After a wild night of drinking and partying, Eufrat and Adrianna come home feeling horny. They did not meet any men tonight, but they have each other! As soon as they enter the door to their apartment, the two sexy babes embrace each other and press their lips and tongues together. As they continue to kiss and fondle each other’s bodies, they make their way to the bedroom.

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The two raven-haired girls are sharing a bottle of champagne before bed. They are both wearing silk robes and feeling so tipsy that their lingerie keeps flashing the bare skin underneath. Both Eileen and Alyssia begin to flirt, touch, and place gentle kisses on each other. After another drink, the friendly kisses turn into sexual passion!

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Lisa and Tess are two young, sexy girls that desire each other more than any man out there. The brunette hotties have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other. Today is no different, both Lisa and Tess are only wearing tiny thongs around the house. Their exposed breasts bounce, jiggle, and drive the girls into a sexual craze!

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Two dirty blonde lesbian teens share a bed together and much more, Eufrat and Angel are best friends, lovers, and gorgeous lesbians. While in bed getting ready to sleep, the girls can’t help but to be turned on by the silky lingerie teasing each of their bodies. Eufrat gives in first and climbs on top of Angel to shove her tongue deep into her mouth.

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Lisa is an older brunette babe who has had a lot of experience with other women. Brandy is a young blonde who has never even kissed a girl before. With Lisa’s guidance, Brandy is about to have her very first lesbian experience. It will be an erotic thrill ride that neither woman will forget. Lisa makes the first move and leans in to kiss Brandy.

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